Jesse Matthew Fairfax Trial Day 2: Trial Turns to DNA Evidence

Posted: Updated: Jun 09, 2015 06:01 PM
Courtroom sketch of Jesse Matthew Courtroom sketch of Jesse Matthew
Courtroom sketch of Jesse Matthew Courtroom sketch of Jesse Matthew
FAIRFAX, Va. (WVIR) - After jurors heard a woman's wrenching account of being attacked Monday, testimony at Jesse Matthew's attempted murder trial turned to DNA evidence that prosecutors say will prove Matthew was the man who attacked her. 

Matthew is on trial in Fairfax for attempted capital murder, abduction, and sexual assault on a woman in 2005. He is also charged in a separate case with capital murder in the abduction and death last year of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.

Prosecutors have indicated that DNA evidence will be a big part of their case against the 33-year-old Matthew. The DNA link emerged after Matthew was identified as a suspect in the Hannah Graham case. 

Tuesday's testimony focused on what happened in the aftermath of the 2005 attack told by first responders and those who helped the victim.

Fairfax City Police Lt. Joseph Trahey, the officer who first responded to the assault, said the victim was covered in blood and appeared to be in shock afterward.

A nurse specializing in sexual assault also detailed the injuries the woman received and her efforts to recover DNA samples after the attack. Police say DNA recovered from the attack links Matthew to the crime.

A DNA expert took the stand describing how the DNA of a man was found under one of the victim's fingernails.

Lead detective on the case, Michael Boone, testified about several other suspects originally investigated.

Prosecutors have one more witness to call when court resumes Wednesday morning.

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