Expensive Cabinet to be Auctioned in Charlottesville Saturday

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The price tag could top $80,000 for an item a previous owner described as quote "a funny-looking metal desk thingy."

Quinn and Farmer Auctions Gallery in Charlottesville, located at 2109 India Road, is expecting dozens of people to come to its auction Saturday. The big-ticket item is an original sculpture front cabinet designed and created by Paul Evans. It is welded and torch-cut of polychrome steel and bronze.

"There was no one else creating these full-scale cabinets, the credenzas, different sculpture pieces. He was the only one doing it. And that's what's influencing the market for it. And also I think people really enjoy having it because it is one of a kind,” said Amelia Penney, modern design specialist.

Other furniture, art, and antiques are also up for sale.

The auction starts Saturday at 10 a.m.