Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: How to Maintain a Healthy Diet through the Holidays

Remember to eat regular meals before heading to a holiday party Remember to eat regular meals before heading to a holiday party

The holiday season is in full effect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still eat healthy. These are just a few tips that are important to keep in mind to help yourself maintain your weight and your exercise routine.

First, if you are hitting a party, dieticians say make sure you don’t go hungry.

“It helps on the day of a holiday party to have all of your meals as normal because you don’t want to get to the party absolutely famished,” commented Rita Smith, a registered dietician at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Once you arrive, Smith says to start by filling your plate with veggies.

“Assorted fresh colorful vegetables are great, like little baby bell peppers and mushrooms," said Smith.

It also helps to work in zero calorie drinks too, or rotate and drink something a little more healthy in between alcoholic drinks.

If you are bringing a dish to contribute to a party, or planning your own, consider bringing hummus or a homemade dip with light ingredients to ensure there will at least be one healthy option you know you can turn to. Then, when it’s time for sweets, there are two things to remember.

“A one-crust pie is great to look for,” noted Smith. “Once that top is put onto it you’ve added actually about 1/3 more calories to it.”

Also, the simpler the cookie the better. Smith suggests sticking with plain sugar or oatmeal raisin.

Of course, keeping up with exercise throughout the season will also help to mitigate any extra calories you do consume. Set aside time for yourself, no matter how busy your schedule.

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