Officials Speak Out on Cville Registrar's Involvement in Phone Controversy

Posted: Updated: Sep 10, 2014 11:03 PM

Charlottesville's electoral board is speaking out about the controversy surrounding Sheri Iachetta, the city's voter registrar. Board members say a cell phone fraud case stemming from the registrar's office, and the ongoing police investigation, have nothing to do with Iachetta's job performance.

Authorities are investigating the use of city money to pay a former electoral board member's cell phone bill. The former member kept her city-issued phone for three years after leaving - and racked up $7,000 in bills.

Iachetta is responsible for signing off on those types of bills. She became the keeper of city voting records in 1999 and answers directly to Charlottesville's electoral board, but she also answers to City Hall when it comes to paying the bills.

Charlottesville Electoral Board member Jim Nix says the board knew about the cell phone bill debacle during Iachetta's annual performance review in August, but elections are the actual measure of the registrar's job performance. Nix says Iachetta is doing an outstanding job.

"The evaluation of the registrar is based on performance of the duties of the office. So extraneous issues like some of the ones you are alluding to really don't say if she's doing a good job or not," he stated.

Nix says they're moving past the issue and it won't affect the November election.

When asked if she will be reappointed, Nix said those discussions start in April. The registrar serves a four-year term which ends on June 30.

A one-page summary of Iachetta's evaluation is sent to the Virginia Board of Elections but because it's a personnel matter, the details can't be shared.

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