Augusta County Residents Outraged Over Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline

Posted: Updated: Sep 20, 2014 09:40 PM

The Atlantic coast natural gas pipeline proposal has people in Augusta County outraged. Residents are worried this pipeline, which would stretch 550 from West Virginia to South Carolina, will affect their homes and businesses.

Today they gathered to try and fight the pipeline together at a town meeting called by supervisor Tracy Pyles.

It was standing room only at the Augusta County government center in Verona on Saturday morning. Hundreds of people packed the public meeting room to go over what the proposed natural gas pipeline could mean for them.

Many people showed up just to support their neighbors, and offer their advice. Judy Armstrong sold Augusta County real estate for over thirty years.

"It's really hard to sell your property if you have any kind of line going through it, trust me,” said Armstrong.

Some attendees have already gotten notifications from dominion that their property will be surveyed as a potential pipeline site.

Travis Geary from Augusta County Alliance said, “Frankly, the air was knocked out of me. It was the same sort of reaction my parents had when they first received it...my wife and I are currently living in Northern Virginia to save money to buy, this farm has been in our family for four generations now."

People are reacting and responding in their own ways .Musicians Robin and Linda Williams said, "We're gonna put a stop sign on dominion's pipeline, go tell your neighbors, go tell your friends.”

Augusta county alliance representatives hope their message will encourage people to fight back, and not settle with dominion power.

Farm Owner Doug Riley said, "After today, I am probably, I'm not signing anything. I probably will get some legal advice. I think we can beat it, but it's going to take everything we've got. If I can't beat it, we're going to court."

Much of the information presented today is available online, at the Augusta county alliance website.

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