Event Held to Continue the Search for Missing Fluvanna County Woman

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It's been more than two months since Janet Renee Field vanished after leaving her home in Scottsville.

Saturday the Help Save The Next Girl organization, her husband, parents and friends gathered to raise awareness about her case, that still has so many unanswered questions.

Gil Harrington, who is with Help Save the Next Girl said, "There's strength in numbers and I think that we can support one another through the wasteland of missing and not knowing."

The strength of numbers was seen Saturday as several families of missing Virginia women gathered to support the search for Janet Renee field.

"We want to put a face on that and we want to get their faces out there so we can some information and bring some of them home,” said Harrington.

The Help Save The Next Girl Organization held an awareness event at the Lowes department store across the street from the Park and Ride lot where sheriff's deputies found Field's Subaru Forrester just days after her husband reported her missing.

Sheriff Eric Hess said, "I can't even imagine what these parents go through to have a missing child, not knowing where that child is, not knowing what happened to them, all of those things are just beyond what my mind can even think of how terrible that can be."

Her family is not giving up hope that their Renee is out there somewhere.

Father Ivan Branch said, "Renee if you see this telecast, please give mom and dad a call, we want to know if you're okay or not."

Lewis field is the last known person to see his wife on July 2. He's hopeful investigators are doing all they can to find her.

"We've talked fairly often and between all of us we've come up with some different places and things to try and investigate and see,” said Field.

The lack of information on the case is frustrating to the Fluvanna County sheriff's office.

"Without good factual leads to go on, it hinders any case,” said Hess.

Saturday's event aimed to help drum up any leads that could help investigators.

"With an investigation you continually look at things and then when you run out things to look at ,you start all over and starting look at did we over look something, is there something different,” said Hess.

The Fluvanna County sheriff's office says one thing they're trying to get more information on is exactly what day field's car was first noticed at the Park and Ride lot at Zion crossroads and if anyone saw her leave with someone else.

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