Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Facial Rejuvenation


Our focus this week is on facial rejuvenation and things you can do - everything from botox to fillers -  to help waken up your face. We spoke with Dr. Elizabeth Chance, a plastic surgeon with Sentara Martha Jefferson Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, to find out more.

"Rejuvenating the face is probably one of the hottest topics today because as our society looks at Hollywood and looks at these starlets and watches their face alter over time, people really do want to look as good as they possibly can,” said Dr. Elizabeth Chance,

Chance says the good news is, there are many things that you can do to help add a little life back into your face as you age.

“I offer the gamut,” she noted.  “I can go from skin care to injectables to surgical options and can weigh the pros and cons of both with you.”

One of the most common fixes she finds people turning towards is botox. "That helps fine lines and wrinkles of the forehead, or between the eyebrows, or in the crow’s feet soften over time.”

Additionally, as people age, loss of volume in the face is also common. It typically happens to people in their late 30s and early 40s and they start to see skin collecting in different areas of their face.  

If that’s a problem you face, Dr. Chance says filler may be the fix for you. 

“We have a variety of different fillers that are optional,” said Dr. Chance.  “There injections that are done here in the office, and the result is immediate, and that is what makes them so much fun.”

In the end, it’s really about choosing the right fit, and treatment, for you. 

“I think kind of dipping your toe in the water and knowing that you can look natural and beautiful with some small things if the most important thing,” noted Dr. Chance.

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