Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Shedding Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries can strike at any age Shoulder injuries can strike at any age

From the very young to the elderly, shoulder issues are a problem that can strike at any age. 

“Shoulder injuries depend on the age,” noted Dr. Steve Gunther, an orthopedic surgeon with Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedics. “The young kids get fractures and instability patterns when they dislocate the shoulders. They get labral tears and bicep injuries, overthrowing-type injuries,” noted Gunther. 

The biggest problems for the next age group tend to be rotator cuff tears and tendonitis. Finally, the older patient population experiences mostly arthritis and fractures. 

For anyone in pain, however, the first step is to work to fix the problem without surgery.  

“So there's injections, anti-inflammatory medications, activity modifications, physical therapy, et cetera,” noted Dr. Gunther. 

In general, he says the group of people most susceptible to issues are those who are middle-aged. 

“So the biggest population of people developing shoulder pain are the middle-aged people like me, people from, say, from 50 to 70 or 40 to 70 who are playing sports and doing overhead things repetitively,” noted Dr. Gunther.   

Dr. Gunther is holding a free seminar for the community called “Shedding Shoulder Pain."  It will be held on December 7 and is open to anyone interested in learning more. For more information, or to register for the seminar, please call 1-800-SENTARA. 

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