Albemarle BOS Passes Rt. 29 Resolution to Send to VDOT

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Rt. 29 Traffic Rt. 29 Traffic

Albemarle County supervisors have passed a resolution to send to the Virginia Department of Transportation regarding the Route 29 solutions project.

The resolution focuses on the community, but not all members are on board with it. It passed in a 5 to 1 vote.

Before any construction begins, Albemarle County supervisors have some requests for VDOT.

"We want involvement with the public. We want public hearings for the designs, not just a poster that says ‘here it is, now go away.' Real input,” said Supervisor Ann Mallek.

The board passed a resolution to send to VDOT, with a list of requests including community involvement, pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly streets, and making sure businesses and neighborhoods aren't greatly impacted during the process.

Supervisor Ken Boyd was the only supervisor to vote against the resolution.

"The modifications that were made to it were changing it into an endorsement of the project and I couldn't support that because I've always been opposed to the project,” Boyd said.

Boyd, who's against the entire project, wrote the original resolution that he says was more forceful. It recommended the Hillsdale and Berkmar drive extensions be completed before the Rio interchange that has since been taken out. He says this new resolution simply makes the board sound like cheerleaders.

"The majority of this board thinks that this is the solution to our problems. They've even called it the 29 solutions package. I don't believe that. I don't think it is the solution to the problem,” Boyd said.

Business owners along the Route 29 corridor have also voiced concerns about what it will do to their business. The majority of the board, however, says this is the right decision.

"The projects have been studied for decades. We know the work is going to result in improvements in traffic and we can hardly wait for them to begin,” Mallek said.

Supervisors Boyd and Brad Sheffield will be holding a community meeting about the Route 29 improvements next month.

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