Winning Attitude Brings Riverheads Success

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Riverheads returns two running backs who rushed for over 1400 yards Riverheads returns two running backs who rushed for over 1400 yards

Riverheads is coming off a 12-2 season, and a trip to the state semifinals.

Gladiators' head coach Robert Casto says the team's objective this season is the same as every season.

"Our number one goal is to win is to win the state championship," says Casto, "and whether we get there or not is going to be dependent on a whole lot of factors. A lot of things have to happen for you to be in that position. But for us we don't worry about all of the things we can't control."

Casto has been at the helm nearly two decades with Riverheads, and while the game of football, particularly on the offensive side, has evolved into more spread and passing formations, Casto is a firm believer in his ground and pound style.

"We usually have two to three running backs over a 1,000 yards," says Casto.  "We had two last year over a 1,000, and two kids spelled each other, and another back had over 1,400 yards between them. So we basically had three positions over a thousand yards and a quarterback who threw for over 800 yards last year."

The Gladiators run the Wing-T offense.

Casto explains that their success is contingent on the team executing as one unit.

"It is such a team oriented offense," says Casto.  "That one player can break down the entire play. Everybody has to do their job. They have to do it well. And there's so much stuff in the Wing-T that is just things that we've had happen to us, and our coaching staff understands what the Wing-T is all about. Our style of offense, our guards are really important for what we do in the Wing-T."

Riverheads has seen much success over the years.

Casto believes its part of a culture that resonates throughout the team.

"It's an attitude that our kids have," says Casto.  "It's a swagger that we have. That our kids believe that we're going to win. Some folks come in here hoping they're going to win, and we know we're going to win."

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