Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: What is an Electrophysiology Nurse Navigator?

Courtney Smart, RN, electrophysiology nurse navigator. Courtney Smart, RN, electrophysiology nurse navigator.

If you have to have an electrophysiology procedure – be it an ablation, a pacemaker or a defibrillator – it can seem overwhelming.  However, nurse navigators at Sentara Martha Jefferson help take the worry away. 

“Our goal is to essentially navigate the patient through the procedure process,” said Courtney Smart, RN, electrophysiology nurse navigator.  

Smart works with patients at Sentara Martha Jefferson every step of the way. 

“Part of what we do is act as a support person if they have questions or concerns,” Smart noted.  “We get that patient relationship which is one of our favorite parts of the job.” 

Rest assured though, they also work closely with the patient’s doctor – and ultimately provide an added benefit. 

“If you go somewhere else you might see the doctor, and then the procedure gets scheduled and you get some instructions and then the procedure happens,” noted Smart.  “However, if you come to us, you get the navigators too.  So you have someone to call and someone to serve as your point person if the doctor is tied up and can’t answer your question.” 

Even after procedures are over, the navigators are still available for questions and follow-up and can talk with patients about anything that may be on their mind. 

“We’re just here for you as an extra, and the patients honestly love it,” said Smart. 

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