JMU Dukes Get Physical Under New Coach Everett Withers

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New JMU head coach Everett Withers says he likes his guys getting physical in practice.  The Dukes had a spirited practice Monday morning. 

The practice featured Withers' circle drill, which has guys battle one-one-one against each other with a circle of their teammates watching.

Withers says, "We just try to find out some guys. We go and look at practice, and then we go and see if guys can compete in front of their peers and when their challenged. We all get challenged, so its just a matter of seeing if a guy will step up to a challenge against one of his team mates."

JMU quarterback Vad Lee says, "Coach Withers is a great guy. He's a funny guy. He gets his team going. He keeps us uncomfortable which is most important because we always competing. We always making sure that we stay on our toes. We can't relax with coach Withers, so its a good competitive environment."

Withers adds, "We try to take competitive reps as much as we can. Meaning game reps. We want to try to do things like we would in a game. So there's some contact. There's probably more contact than these guys have had. We're in our second two-a-day. We're probably gonna have seven two-a-days. I don't think they've had two a days here for the last four or five years.

Vad Lee is expected to be JMU's starting quarterback this season.  He transferred from Georgia Tech.   JMU's first game is at Maryland on August 30th.

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