Lockn' Organizers Optimistic, Plan Expansion Amidst ABC Charges

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Organizers of the Lockn' Music Festival have purchased a new 385-acre farm to expand their operations. The purchase comes amidst concerns the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board might take away the festival's liquor license.

The new space, in Nelson County, will be used for camping and parking this year. Organizers say it will also allow for easier access to the festival from Route 29.

Lockn' LLC Managing Partner David Frey says the company expects the festival to become a permanent fixture in the county, and this is a step in that direction.

"There's a lot we can do in the future. For this year we're just going to use it for camping and for traffic. Basically, we're going from an event site which had camping down a road that was in a horizontal type of pattern to an event site with camping that surrounds the event site now. So the farthest walk for any camper is five-eighths of a mile,” said Frey.

The charges brought against festival organizers by the ABC criticizes their ability to monitor alcohol and drug consumption on the premises. Frey says the allegations seem unwarranted and expects litigation won't end with a ruling in ABC's favor.

"They've brought these hearings upon us that are, where they are the judge and the jury. So we're in front of an ABC magistrate who's ruling on ABC actions, and we expect them to rule against us at every step, so we look forward to being in civil court in front of our peers in our own, you know because we think we'll receive much fairer treatment in that environment,” said Frey.

Frey says the charges won't affect the festival's liquor license this year.

Moving forward, Frey says he expects issues will be resolved, and the property purchased will be transformed to support a permanent festival, including on-site water, electric, and sewage facilities.

The Lockn' Music Festival will take place September 4-7 in Arrington.

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