Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: What is the Role of a Cancer Center Financial Counselor?


This week's Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday focuses on the role of cancer center financial counselors. 

Brenda Braxton is a financial counselor who works specifically with cancer patients at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital. 

“I try to contact most patients as soon as they are diagnosed, so somewhere in those initial visits they are going to meet with me and we're gonna talk about their concerns," she stated. “There are various programs that are available for patients who are diagnosed with cancer.” 

Braxton meets with any patient who is interested in assistance – and it’s all done free of charge! 

Often, the challenge is just figuring out what might work for each individual specific situation.  From national copay assistance programs, to financial assistance offered by drug companies and Sentara, the goal is to take the worry away for patients. 

“We’ll find out how much the deductible is, how much the coinsurance is, how much their out of pocket is and try to help them maneuver through those dollar amounts,” said Braxton.  “I’ve been in their shoes and I know how it is to be in that place where you know 'what’s coming down the pike? How am I going to pay for this? Can I afford this?'” 

Solving financial situations also allows patients to focus on what’s most important – getting better. 

“Once we settled whatever the issue is there, they’re able to relax into their treatment a little bit more,” commented Braxton. 

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