Fluvanna County Football Begins Summer Practice

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Fluvanna starts the day out on the field at 6AM Fluvanna starts the day out on the field at 6AM

Practice starts bright and early for Fluvanna.

Players begin the day at 6:00 AM.

The early start time is a philosophy that head coach Jason Barnett believes will make his players better prepared for the season.

"We have to get ourselves ready for uncomfortable situations as quickly as we can. Friday nights are never comfortable and we need to start training our bodies and training our minds to be able to handle uncomfortable things."

Offensively Fluvanna is looking for balance.

The want be explosive in the pass game, and solid in the run game.

Defensively the mindset is find the ball and create turnovers.

"Any opportunity that Fluvanna gets is a golden opportunity. We need to take advantage of it on the offensive side and on the defensive side. Opportunities to create takeaways are extremely important because we need to get the ball back to our offense and get everybody a chance to rest."

Luke Norcross says the mindset for taking the ball away is instilled at practice.

"Through drills. When we get the chance, when we're practicing. Go ahead and take the chance. See if you can get the ball."

Fluvanna is coming off a 1-9 season, but the Flucos aren't discouraged by that.

Head coach Jason Barnett is excited about this year's team, and the opportunity to creatcreateer men out on the field.

"You're going to hear two words a lot in Fluvanna County and that's going to be accountability and responsibility. This is just something that I know that makes these men better people when they leave here."

Upperclassmen like junior quarterback Gavin Patrick and senior safety and receiver Alec Turley all already showing leadership during practice.

"Help everybody up when they're tired. Support everybody. Tell them good job.... if they're doing something wrong show them how to do it right."

"I'm always hustling hard. Grabbing somebody to go with me. If someone's fallen down I'm making sure that I go back there... making sure they finish."

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