Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: How to Get Active and Stay Safe

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Our focus this week is on knee injuries and what you can do both immediately and also in the long term to prevent any problems. We spoke with Dr. Clark Baumbusch at Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedics to find out more.

With lots of talk these days about getting healthy, eating right, and being active, more and more people are taking that advice to heart and starting a program of their own to improve their health. 

“We are seeing a large rise in the activity levels of our patients,” noted Dr. Baumbusch. 

While Dr. Baumbusch says that as a doctor he loves to see this. He says making sure that you get started correctly with exercise is important to be successful in the long term.  If you are new to exercise, low-impact activity is good. He also stresses going through a good stretching routine and cool down afterward. 

Dr. Baumbusch says that is problems do arise once people start being more active, they often face issues with their knees. 

“It’s probably one of the most common things I see in my clinic,” noted Dr. Baumbusch. 

He suggests strengthening your core and low back muscles, as they actually help to protect your knees. Additionally, he says to heed warning signs like swelling, pain during everyday activity and any sort of sensation or “locking” in the knee. 

“If you are starting a new exercise routine and you’re finding that you’re having difficulty with pain in your knees, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact your physician,” noted Dr. Baumbusch. 

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