Head Statue Stolen from Front Yard in Fry's Spring

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A prominent figure in the Fry's Spring neighborhood of Charlottesville is missing. Now, Charlottesville police are investigating his disappearance.

The three-foot tall concrete resin statue of a head vanished from the stump in front of a home in the 2300 block of Jefferson Park Avenue last Tuesday.

Abbey Plein owns the man's head. She and her mom found it at a boutique in Northern Virginia. They bought it as a joke to cover the stump.

Plein noticed the head was gone when she returned home last Tuesday afternoon. She says it was there when she left that same morning.

A cardboard box with missing poster currently covers the stump where the head used to be.

“People stop by and let me know they're sorry that he's missing and that they'll keep an eye out for him. I think people enjoyed him on the street. People took pictures with him on gameday. The kids walking to the Beach Club would stop and take pictures,” said Plein.

Plein just wants her head back in one piece for her and the neighborhood to enjoy. It's become a landmark along JPA in just a year and a half.

Investigators ask anyone who may have seen something along JPA last Tuesday to call Crime Stoppers at 434-977-4000.
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