Waynesboro Man Critically Injured After a Bar Brawl on West Main Street

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A 28 year old man is in critical condition at the University of Virginia Medical Center after being hit by a car following a bar brawl in Waynesboro.

Police say he was one of nearly 60 people involved in that fight outside Chauncey's Smokehouse and Bar which is in the 2300 block of West Main Street.

Police say they believe the brawl was a result of a party at the restaurant that got out of control. They think the fight spilled into the street, where the victim was hit.

Police say no one at the scene gave them any details. The man in the hospital is not in good enough condition to talk.

Waynesboro police spokesman Brian Edwards says when officers arrived at the scene they quickly realized they needed backup.

"Officers got there, assisted by the other, by the Augusta County Sheriff's department and the Virginia State Police and essentially tried to corner off that area to protect the victim who had been struck,” said Edwards.

Now Edwards says, they are left with several questions.

"We're trying to figure out who struck this individual, why he was in the roadway, and what started this big fight of all these people there,” said Edwards.

They couldn't get any information from people at the scene.

“There were several people, several dozen people present, but no one was willing to come forward and talk to us,” said Edwards.

He says they need witnesses to come forward with information to catch that hit and run driver.

"If our victim dies, it's more than just a hit and run, it's a homicide at that case. What we want to do is have anyone who was maybe driving by, anyone who was present, anything any kind of information for them to come forward, as quickly as possible,” stated Edwards.

If anyone has information regarding the fight or the hit-and-run, you can call the Waynesboro Police Department at 540-942-6675.

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