Sheriff: Six Dogs Attack Madison County Teen

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A 16-year-old girl in Madison County is looking at a long road to recovery after the sheriff says a pack of dogs attacked her.

Monday afternoon, the teenager was swimming in the Robinson River near Criglersville when several dogs ran from somebody's property and into the water and bit her several times. Four days after the incident, the girl is still in bandages.

At this point the Sheriff's Office isn't releasing the names of anyone involved, but it wants to get the word out to people living nearby. Sheriff Erik Weaver says this isn't the first time he's gotten complaints about these particular dogs; there have been several calls over the past five years.

Six dogs from this latest incident are being held at the county animal shelter. Weaver says the owner does have more dogs that were not involved in the attack.

The girl, who attends Madison County High School, was taken to the University of Virginia Medical Center with what Weaver is calling fairly serious injuries.

"I actually saw the juvenile yesterday. She has bandages from her arms to her legs and her feet,” Weaver said. "According to the doctor, due to the different bite marks, they can identify that it was at least four different dogs that attacked this person."

Weaver says sheriff’s deputies know who the dogs belong to but are waiting to complete their investigation before pressing any charges.

The Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with more information about this case or other cases involving these dogs to call 540-948-5161.

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