Riddick in Court for Pretrial Motions Hearing

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MADISON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The man charged with the murders of three family members in Madison County had to be physically restrained during a hearing Wednesday.

Rashad Riddick is accused of murdering his uncle, aunt, and cousin in February 2011. More than three years later, the case still hasn't gone to trial.

Rashad Riddick's defense attorney filed three motions Wednesday in Madison County Circuit Court, but the only one the judge granted was a request for more state resources to continue investigating and gathering evidence. The defense had also motioned for all the charges against Riddick to be dropped, because of what they call a violation of his right to a speedy trial - but the judge denied the request, saying that extension is in part due to all the defense motions.

The judge said defense attorneys have filed over 1,000 pages for the court's review. There was also a period of time lost while Riddick had to undergo a psychological evaluation.

After hearing the judge’s ruling against all the charges being dropped, Riddick loudly objected, stood up, and had to be physically restrained by officers.

Riddick’s attorneys also submitted a motion to suppress evidence gathered from his cellphone company, T-Mobile, because they say police didn’t have a warrant for the search.

The judge says he will rule on that motion at the next hearing on September 4.
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