Martha Jefferson Monday: What is the Posterior Approach to Hip Replacements?

For patients who suffer from hip pain, and have tried all other avenues to find a fix, a total hip replacement may be required. The most common sign that surgery is needed is hip arthritis.

“Typically, hip arthritis causes severe pain in the groin area, and sometimes it wraps around to the back of the hip,” noted Dr. John Edwards, a surgeon with Martha Jefferson Orthopaedics.

When it is time for surgery, DR. Edwards says the posterior hip replacement approach has been used for years and works well for most patients.

“The posterior hip replacement is a way of doing a hip replacement that is minimally invasive, and avoids injuring muscles and has a fast recovery.”

Although it’s not a new way of doing surgery, new innovations in the technique have recently lead to improved outcomes for patients.

“We are more familiar with the anatomy now so the approach is less extensive than it used to be and also we’ve developed ways of repairing the tissues when we are finished which enable faster recovery and reduce the chance of a complication.”

The procedure typically takes less than an hour in the operating room. Patients then recover in private rooms in the hospital for two nights before heading home.

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