Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: How Does the Bariatric Balloon Procedure Work?


A new weight-loss procedure is now available at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital and doesn’t involve surgery. It’s called the Orbera Bariatric Balloon procedure.

“The balloon sits in the stomach and takes up space,” noted Dr. Jayme Stokes with Sentara Martha Jefferson Medical and Surgical Associates. “It gives patients the feeling of being fuller sooner and overall, less hungry.”

Doctors use an endoscope to guide the balloon to the stomach where it’s then ultimately inflated. It’s a quick 15 minute procedure and the balloon then stays in a patient’s stomach for six months.

“The idea is that during the six months the balloon was in, patients have the opportunity to undergo some nutritional education and counseling and make some lifestyle behavioral modifications so once the balloon comes out they can carry the new habits forward,” noted Dr. Stokes.

The Orbera Bariatric Balloon procedure is FDA approved for patients with a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40. Patients just have to be willing to give it a shot, and commit to making nutritional changes if they want to be successful.

“If patients are interested, because of the low risk nature of the procedure, we can do it on most anyone who qualifies in that weight range,” noted Dr. Stokes.

Typically, the procedure provides the added boost people need to jump start getting healthy.

“It’s another weapon in the patient’s arsenal to fight obesity or being overweight and it can assist them in their journey,” noted Dr. Stokes.

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