Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Dr. Ligush showing us one of the hyperbaric chambers Dr. Ligush showing us one of the hyperbaric chambers

Our focus this week is on a new treatment option for people suffering from certain types of wounds.  It's called hyperbaric oxygen therapy and we spoke with Dr. John Ligush at Sentara Martha Jefferson Vascular and Vein Center to learn more.

The center recently installed hyperbaric oxygen chambers.  They are used to treat patients with certain types of wounds that can’t be healed by other methods.

"Particularly the diabetic patient with a diabetic foot wound," said Dr. Ligush. "But there are various others such as radiation wounds in female patients who have received radiation for breast cancer."

The chambers provide a high concentration of oxygen that promotes healing.  It’s an intensive process, with patients received 20-30 treatment that are each two hours long.

Patients don’t feel anything during a treatment, and can even watch TV during the wait.  However, some may feel anxious so it’s important to note that patients are never left alone.

“There’s always someone here supervising and watching the patient closely, monitoring vital signs, making sure patients don’t have any distress when they are in the tank,” stated Dr. Ligush.

Although it’s not for everyone, it is another option for doctors to be able to provide to patients, when appropriate.

"I think it provides comprehensive wound care," said Dr. Ligush. "Right now we have very limited access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy in this area and it’s just another level of service we'll be able to provide.”

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