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Martha Jefferson Monday: What are the Signs and Symptoms of a Tick Bite?

The summer months have arrived, and for many, that means more time will be spent outside enjoying what nature has to offer. It also, however, means that you are likely at an increased risk of being bitten by a tick.

“If there’s a tick on you, you might feel some motion, like something crawling on you,” noted Dr. William Murray, a family practitioner at Forest Lakes Family Medicine.

The first step in working to keep yourself from being bit by a tick involves checking yourself, and your children, after outside activities. Although ticks come in all different sizes, it is possible to find them on yourself - even the smallest ones! Doctors say if you do, simply go outside and brush it off.

If you aren’t lucky enough to find a tick before it latches on however, the next sign that you’ve been bit would likely be a red spot at the affected area.

“Generally it would be round or oval,” noted Dr. Murray. “Usually it might be a little raised so that you might feel it if you shut your eyes and brushed it with your finger. It could be completely flat though too.”

Dr. Murray says it’s possible to experience discomfort, or itching at the spot as well, but that it won’t happen with every bite. If you do have a bite, the best way to determine next steps is to look at the size of the red spot.  Doctors say if it’s smaller than the size of a quarter, there’s no need to worry, or to be concerned about Lyme disease. However, anything that’s the size of two quarters or larger should be checked out by your physician as soon as possible.

“If you have a big enough rash, or if you are feeling ill with fever, certainly anyone this time of year if one feels like they have the flu, even if they don’t have a rash, they need to get checked out,” noted Dr. Murray.

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