Home Runs are Missing at the College World Series

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OMAHA, Nebr. (WVIR) -

There were nine home runs hit at the College World Series in 2011, and ten in 2012.

Only three-round trippers were hit last season, and the first home run of this year's Series was hit Wednesday night, in a 1-0 Texas win over Cal-Irvine. 

There's been a lot of talk in Omaha about the lack of offense and lack of home runs.

Teams are averaging 4.9 runs per game at this year College World Series.

Part of it is because of the bat change which was made in 2011, and part of it is the large ballpark with the wind often blowing in.

UVa head coach Brian o'Connor says, "We're 2-0, and we're finding ways to win. In the end, there's not going to be an asterisk by who wins the national championship. It's the same for everybody, and you have to figure out a way to win. I think everybody knew it coming here, that what you have to do to win in this ballpark, it's a beautiful ballpark, it's an outstanding ballpark, it's where the College World Series should be, but when you come to Omaha, you need to understand what it takes to win here."

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