Anti-Bullying Campaign Comes to Close at Cville Elementary School

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As the school year comes to an end, so does a successful anti-bullying campaign at Charlottesville's Burnley-Moran Elementary School. With the help of a teacher, students created their own newspaper called "Dear B-Cats," after the school's mascot - the Bobcats.

Students write in to the paper with problems they are facing at school. The problems vary from friendship issues, feeling left out of a group, or dealing with a bully. Then, a group of fourth-grade advice columnists sit in a meeting during their lunch period to brainstorm. With the help of a teacher, they respond to the anonymous letters with advice. After that, the paper goes to print.

"We give a copy to all of the teachers to read out loud in case the kids don't want to go to the lobby or they just aren't aware that it's there," fourth-grade student Kyri Antholis said.

The advice columnists aren't just dishing out tips, they are learning a lot too, the group said. The group has discussions where they carefully decide how to best respond to each post. For more serious problems, students are put in touch with a teacher or school counselor.

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