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Martha Jefferson Monday: What Does it Mean to Be at Destination Joint Center?

Martha Jefferson was recently named a Destination Joint Center. The achievement reflects months of work that has allowed the hospital to improve joint replacement services from beginning to end, and improve the overall end result and outcomes for patients.

“The whole concept is to get the patient as healthy as possible before surgery with lots of education and then take them through the whole process, through therapy until they are completely recovered,” commented Dr. John Hall, medical director of the Joint Replacement Center.

Dr. Halls says that from the beginning, when surgery is just a thought, the work on the part of both doctors and patients will now begin. Patients who want to undergo surgery must start by seeing their primary care physician to ensure they are in the best possible health before having surgery.

“If we can maximize your overall health then you will heal more quickly and have a less complicated recovery,” shared Dr. Hall.

As part of the new destination center, there has also been improvement made to surgery, including the use of a new numbing medicine that helps to reduce pain for patients. Once the actual procedure itself is over though, there is no down time - the healing process, and road to recovery, begins immediately.

“After surgery we try to get you up as soon as possible, often the same day of surgery,” noted Dr. Hall.

While patients are still in the hospital, they continue the healing process with group therapy several times a day. Once they are discharged home, they still continue with therapy, this time it’s just in their home.

In the end, the new center creates a partnership between patients and physicians, which is incredibly important in ensuring the best possible outcomes for all involved.

“It’s important for the patient to play an active role so they know what to expect and so they are also informed about what’s going to happen to them so if there are any problems, they know what to call about and who to contact,” commented Dr. Hall.

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