LOOK3 Art Installation Returns to Charlottesville's Downtown Mall

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - If you take a stroll down Charlottesville’s downtown mall you will notice something new - just take a look up in the trees.

A six-week art installation was put on display Tuesday. It's for art organization LOOK3's Festival of the Photograph. The large-scale images feature the work of world-renowned photographer Joel Sartore.

Members of LOOK3 spent hours Tuesday morning hanging the images that show endangered species.

"This is a work that is dedicated to biodiversity, and what Joel's committed to is trying to document all of the endangered species on the planet before they disappear and he's already managed to document about 3,500 of them,” said Victoria Hindly, LOOK3 executive director.

The photographs will hang along the downtown mall until July 9.