Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Why is it Important to use Sunscreen?

As we head into summer and the outside activities begin, it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to sunscreen. 

“I would recommend applying sunscreen on a daily basis because even things like walking to and from your car on a very sunny day or going on a drive you’ll be getting sun exposure there,” said Dr. Ines Soukoulis, a dermatologist at Charlottesville Dermatology.

SPF 30 and above is recommended, and doctors say you also need to make sure you put on enough. 

“For an adult, one body application should be about one oz. which is a shot glass worth of sunscreen.  Studies show most people put on less than half that amount,” commented Soukoulis.

You can also protect yourself with sun-protective clothing. “Long sleeve shirts, wide brimmed hats, long pants, even sometimes gloves can help,” said Dr. Anna Magee, a dermatologist with Charlottesville Dermatology. 

Dark colors give the best protection, and a good test for your hat is to hold it up to light and see how much shines through. “If you can get something that’s more tightly woven it will protect you from the harmful ways,” said Magee. 

Additionally, avoiding peak sun hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. also helps with protection. “If your shadow is shorter than yourself than you shouldn’t be in the sun,” said Magee. 

By ensuring you don’t get burned, you’ll not only thank yourself now, but also in the future. “It’s a long term investment in your skin,” said Magee. 

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