Psych Evaluation Ordered for Woman Charged in Assault of Delegate's Wife

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The woman accused of attacking Delegate David Toscano's wife in February will stay behind bars, and face a psychological evaluation, before coming back before a judge in July.

Claire Ogilvie appeared in Charlottesville District Court for the second time Thursday via video teleconference. She is currently behind bars facing three felony charges after she allegedly attacked Delegate Toscano’s wife, Nancy Tramontin, in their Charlottesville home in February. Her charges range from entering a house armed, to abduction, to malicious wounding.

In a statement after the attack, the Toscano family said they met Ogilvie during a Semester at Sea program in 2010, but cut ties in 2012 after she took an “unsettling interest” in the family. In court Thursday afternoon, a judge ordered Ogilvie to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before her next court date July 17. She is not seeking bail, and will stay behind bars until then.

“I don't think anybody wants to stay behind bars, I mean that's not really you know the factors behind what we've done or not done from the defense at this point,” said Adam Rhea, Ogilvie’s defense attorney.

Ogilvie and Rhea have chosen not to seek a bond hearing, likely to avoid releasing information about the case publicly before she has a chance to testify.

“Until we have good, complete information, it’s not wise for either of us on either side of the case to start doing hearings and things like that where we don’t have all of the cards yet,” Rhea said.

Ogilvie will likely undergo a psychiatric evaluation at some point within the next month and appear back in Charlottesville District Court July 17 for a preliminary hearing.