Plans Come Together for Cultural Space at IX Property in Cville

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IX property in downtown Charlottesville IX property in downtown Charlottesville

The vision for a cultural space at the IX property in Charlottesville is already taking shape. Owners and artists are hard at work making grand plans for a spot they hope will complement the downtown mall.

When owners Ludwig and Fabian Cuttner bought the property, they had visions of a walkable community space. Now, they've partnered with artists that are making the first part of that dream come to life.

Brian Wimer is the chief designer on the project. He has started a Kickstarter campaign and has already raised $15,000 to redesign the space. The Cuttners have pledged to match what the campaign raises when it hits $20,000.

Wimer says his goal is to make people see the area in a new way. He says last weekend's participation in the Tom Tom Festival was a great start.

"This weekend, we had an art and light show and music in the corner here and nobody had thought to do that before, and all of a sudden people are saying 'let's book more music there,'” said Wimer.

The next plan is to host a 5K Color Run over Memorial Day weekend to raise more money for the project.

Management at the property tells says in the future they hope to build affordable housing and have ample park space for the public to enjoy.