VA Transportation Plan Released Wednesday

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Route 29 improvements are among the projects named in the Commonwealth Transportation Board’s draft six-year improvement program released Wednesday.

According to the report, there are $244 million allocated for a bypass. Much of it consists of unused, already allocated funds. The money is still being set aside, even after the Federal Highway Administration pulled support for the project.

A Virginia Department of Transportation spokesperson says it is very likely that these numbers will change in next year's six-year plan because of the FHWA’s stance on the issue.

Virginia Department of Transportation Press Release

RICHMOND - The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) released today the draft Six-Year Improvement Program, which allocates $13.1 billion to transportation projects over the next six fiscal years beginning July 1, 2014. Projects include highway, road, bridge, rail, transit, bicycle/pedestrian paths and other transportation improvements across the state.

“The CTB is committed to investing the public’s money in transportation projects that improve safety, ease congestion and generate economic opportunities,” said Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne. “Later this year the program will be updated to comply with the new prioritization process recently signed into law by Governor Terry McAuliffe. Under this process, projects will be objectively selected that either provide the greatest congestion relief for heavily traveled urban regions or promote economic development in rural areas. The CTB will work in collaboration with localities to set weights for key factors like congestion mitigation, economic development, accessibility, safety and environmental quality. Specific projects will then be screened and selected for funding beginning in July 2016.”

“A critical aspect of the six-year program is the ongoing rehabilitation of existing roadways and bridges across the state,” said Charlie Kilpatrick, commissioner of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). “VDOT has accelerated efforts to extend the life of pavements and bridges so we can get the most out of the 57,000 miles of infrastructure we’re responsible for maintaining across the state. This is imperative to motorist safety and ease of travel.”

Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation Director, Jennifer Mitchell stated that, “The agency will be focusing its efforts toward State of Good Repair improvements for transit and rail, while also making targeted investments of high priority expansion projects.” “Additionally,” she continued, “DRPT is committed to investing in rail improvements that support Virginia business and economic growth throughout the Commonwealth.”

The $13.1 billion program is $1.3 billion less than last year’s program because state revenues and federal highway and transit funding have decreased.

FY 2015-2020 Six-Year Improvement Program breakdown:

$9.9 billion – Highway construction

$3.2 billion – Rail and public transportation

$13.1 billion – Total six-year program

Public hearings:

Public hearings will be held across the state on the draft program through mid-May. Layne will be joined by VDOT and DRPT officials in each of the locations to share highlights of the program and listen to public comments. The CTB will then take public comments into consideration prior to adopting the final six-year program on June 18. The program is updated each year to reflect latest revenue projections.

Online resources:

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Transportation improvements (partial listing):


·Rehabilitate sections of interstate and primary system pavements - $563 million

·Replace and rehabilitate more than 100 bridges - $971 million

·New buses, vans, rail cars and replacement vehicles - $34 million

·Amtrak train support - $73 million

·Track improvements to rail service between Alexandria and Lynchburg - $6.4 million

Northern Virginia District

·I-66 tier 2 and development under the Public Private Transportation Act - $35 million

·I-66 at Route 28 interchange improvements in Prince William County (phase 1) - $50 million

·I-495 shoulder use (conversion of northbound left shoulder for peak use) - $20 million

·Route 7 bridge deck replacement and widening over Dulles Assess Road - $34 million

·Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Metro 2025 Program - $9 million

Fredericksburg District

·Virginia Rail Express Potomac Shores Station expansion - $15 million

·I-95 Rappahannock River crossings - $75 million

·Fall Hill Avenue Bridge (reconstruction with added capacity) - $44 million

·Falmouth intersection improvements - $22 million

·Route 17 flood mitigation - $10 million

Hampton Roads District

·Capital improvements to support two additional Amtrak trains to Norfolk - $82 million

·I-64 capacity improvements on the peninsula - $144 million

·Route 58 interchange improvements - $31 million

·Military Highway widening in Norfolk - $114 million

Richmond District

·Bus Rapid Transit design and engineering - $4 million

·Lewistown Road Bridge replacement over I-95 in Hanover County - $30 million

·I-85 and I-295 pavement restoration - $80 million

·Virginia Capital Trail - $62 million

Culpeper District

·Route 29 Bypass development of solution strategy and implementation - $245 million

·Construction of interchange at Routes 29 and 666 in Culpeper County - $37 million

Lynchburg District

·Odd Fellows Road project - $52 million

·Route 501 Bridge over James River (replace bridge and approaches) - $23 million

·Route 29 bridges over Norfolk Southern Railroad - $41 million

Staunton District

·I-81 improvements near Winchester at Exit 310 - $49 million

·Rehabilitate sections of I-81 pavement in Frederick, Shenandoah and Augusta counties - $20 million

·Route 11 over Cedar Creek (bridge replacement) - $7 million

Salem District

·Expansion of Amtrak service to Roanoke - $92 million

·Route 220 improvements between I-81 and I-64 - $78 million

·I-81 Exit 150 - $47 million

·I-81 northbound bridge replacement - $61 million

Bristol District

·I-81 interchange improvements in Abington - $44 million

·Corridor Q Poplar Creek - $203 million

·Coalfields Expressway Crane’s Nest design - $10 million