Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Wellness Programs at the Sentara Starr Hill Health Center

Nurse Practitioner Miranda Trent working with Ruth Henderson Nurse Practitioner Miranda Trent working with Ruth Henderson

Our focus this week is on developing a healthy lifestyle. We went to the Starr Hill Health Center at the Jefferson School and talked with one nurse practitioner about how she works with people in the community to make this a reality.

Miranda Trent, a nurse practitioner at the Sentara Starr Hill Health Center, is making a big difference when it comes to creating healthy lifestyles for some in our community.  Trent works with people to share a program that helps to change lifestyle habits and create a healthy lifestyle.

She says being committed is key to success.  “I always ask them is how committed are you to making a change?” noted Trent.  

Ruth Henderson is one patient who came to work with Miranda after deciding she was ready for a change.  She said she knew going into it that she was going to have to adjust her habits. 

“We had to get rid of all the white rice, the white flour, different foods we shouldn't eat, and the snacks,” said Henderson.  “That helped us to get on the right track.” 

The program involves eating a balanced diet, exercising and getting enough sleep.  It’s open to anyone who is interested. 

“I have children in my program, I think my youngest one now is 10 and my oldest one is 84,” noted Trent. 

Henderson says her diabetes and cholesterol are both under control thanks to working with Miranda. She also does chair exercises with Inspire Fitness four days a week. 

“It has helped me tone up quite a bit,” noted Henderson. 

Most importantly, Henderson says the encouragement she receives makes it all worth it. 

“That motivation speech that she gives you when you come, it’s so beneficial to you and helps you to realize how important this program is.” 

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