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Martha Jefferson Monday: How is BioNess Technology Used to Help Stroke Patients?

New technology now available at Martha Jefferson Hospital is helping patients who have suffered a stroke get back to normal activity quicker than in the past. As we know the road to recovery can be a struggle, this is good news for both patients and therapists alike.

“The BioNess technology is an electrical stimulation system that’s wireless that the patient wears on their foot and it helps them activate muscles and nerves so that they can then lift their toes and take a step without dragging their foot,” noted Tamara Helton, a physical therapist who works with many patients using this technology.

The goal for Helton is to get patients back on their feet, and she says that BioNess has been particularly helpful.

“It actually stimulates the muscles, and the nerves to go,” commented Helton. ‘It’s not painful but the patient can feel the electrical current at the leg, and so with that, they can feel where their leg is in space and they can then use their muscles to take a step.”

Patients also like the opportunity to take off their braces that are typically worn and work their muscles.

“I like that patients can use their muscles instead of using something like a brace,” noted Helton. “The more they can be their muscles used to working, the better”.

For many, over time muscles will heal and the stimulation will no longer be needed.

“The more active they can be, the better, and if this is going to make them more active, sometimes people can get back to work, you know, they just want to get back to living their lives and this can help them do that.”

Home units are also available for people who may need to use the system for longer periods of time.

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