Public Weighs in on Albemarle Budget, Potential Tax Hike

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A tax hike could be on the way for property owners in Albemarle County.

Tuesday night, supervisors heard from the public about the proposed budget.

The advertised tax rate stands at 80.8 cents per $100 of assessed value. That's a 4.2-cent jump. The increase would help schools, the Police Department and public defenders.

"I think they want too much money and they're not trying to cut expenses where they should. We don't have an unlimited source of money,” said Charlotte Hogue, who spoke up at the public hearing.

Western Albemarle High School student and member of the football team Josh Meeks also spoke at the hearing. He said, "We want to do whatever we can to make sure that we're doing whatever we can so that we have a coach for next year."

The school division still faces a $2.5 million gap.

Supervisors will set the tax rate and adopt the budget on April 15.

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