Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Weight Loss Surgery Patient Loses 130 Pounds


Jenny Hall had struggled with being overweight for as long as she could remember.  

Now, she’s celebrating her one year anniversary of weight loss surgery and feeling better than ever.  Since starting her journey with weight loss surgery, she’s lost more than 130 pounds.  

For Hall, the decision to have weight loss surgery was solidified when she started experiencing health issues. 

“My A1C started creeping up and I was diagnosed with diabetes and started on medications for that,” said Hall.  “My blood pressure was going up and there was concern I’d have to be on medication for that also.” 

Additionally, she works as a nurse practitioner and wanted to set a good example for her patients. 

“I want to promote health to my patients and to the community and how can I do that if I’m not healthy myself?” commented Hall. 

She opted for bypass surgery – the most invasive of several weight loss surgery options – where a portion of a patient’s stomach is removed. Her key to success once surgery was complete was her strong support system. 

“I have a huge support system.  My friends and my family all supported me from the very beginning which was incredibly helpful,” said Hall. 

Now, she says she feels better than ever. “It’s amazing how 130 lighter can make you feel.” 

Additionally, all her medical problems are now completely gone. 

“I have no medical problems now, I don’t even have prediabetes.  I take no medications except for a vitamin patch and my blood pressure is great so I feel amazing."

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