Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: What is the Benefit of Copper Linens?

A bed with copper infused linens A bed with copper infused linens

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital recently made each hospital bed up with linens that are infused with copper.  

“It’s woven into the fabric, but feels just like a regular polyester sheet,” said Andrea Alvarez, MPH, Sentara Martha Jefferson infection preventionist. 

The goal of the new linens it to help fight infections at the hospital. 

"The element copper has intrinsic bacteria killing properties,” noted Alvarez.  “By infusing the element into fabrics, it can reduce the bacteria that are coming off of the patient’s skin and thereby reduce the amount of bacteria in the environment.” 

The decision was made to get the sheets after Sentara was part of the world’s largest clinical copper trial.  The trial showed the linens were successful in reducing infections. 

“The multi drug resistant organisms that these copper linens are going to be effective at preventing are commonly known as MRSA, VRE and C-Diff,” noted Alvarez. 

Hospital gowns and towels are also infused with copper, and serve as just one more way to help keep patients safe. 

“Anything that we can do to prevent healthcare associated infections is important to me,” said Alvarez. 

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