Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Surviving Summer Allergies

Dr. Madeline Dillon Dr. Madeline Dillon

Although we are heading into cooler months and fall allergies are on the way, there are still summer allergies that people may be feeling the effects of, as there is no escaping the problem during summer months in central Virginia. 

“Grass pollen is actually present in the summer here,” noted Dr. Madeline Dillon with Allergy Partners of Charlottesville. 

According to Dr. Dillon, grass pollen is the greatest problem and causes all the typical allergy symptoms. 

“Itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, post nasal drainage are all issues,” she noted. 

While over the counter options such as antihistamines and topical nasal steroids may help, if that doesn’t work, it may be time to see an allergist. 

“What we do is actually get a battery of allergy testing done, which is typically skin-allergy testing, and then we can tell you specifically what things you're allergic to,” noted Dr. Dillon.  

In addition to the normal offenders, summer thunderstorms – believe it or not – can also be problematic for some with allergies.

“There is a phenomenon during the summertime of major thunderstorms actually triggering significant allergies and it’s actually related to mold-spore allergens,” commented Dr. Dillon. 

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