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Martha Jefferson Monday: The Gluten Free Fad - What’s it all About?

If you walk into a grocery store it’s not uncommon to see an entire section of gluten-free food. For some people, it’s necessary to eliminate gluten due to dietary issues, others are simply trying it out as more of a fad. For this week’s Martha Jefferson Monday segment we spoke with registered dietician Rita Smith to learn more about gluten.

For people who suffer from celiac disease, and can’t digest the protein gluten, eating gluten free is really their only option if they want to have a healthy gut. However, dietitians say people who don’t have intolerance to gluten, yet still choose to eat gluten free, often do so as a way to drop a few pounds.

“Of course if you cut out all the foods with gluten, all the bakery things, all your breads and pasta, you do save a lot of calories, so most people who do that would ultimately lose weight," said Registered Dietician Rita Smith.

To make the weight loss work though, Smith noted that you can’t simply substitute back in the same options - just without gluten. “If you used to have regular pasta, and now you have gluten free pasta, and you eat the same amount, you won’t see weight loss.”

In general, Smith says that if you can eat gluten, you really should. “Your system is really set up nicely to digest all different grains,” she commented. “You probably want to keep it that way, so you really wouldn’t want to eliminate gluten if you didn’t need to.”

It can also be difficult for some people’s systems to re-adjust if gluten is cut out, and then added back in to the diet.

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