Sunday's Warmth Makes it Tough to Face Snowy Reality

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Charlottesville downtown mall Charlottesville downtown mall

Plenty of people spent Sunday in the warm bright sun.

“I am just trying to sit in the sun and enjoy it while I can,” said Wyatt McCoy.

Dawn Raymond voted, along with the rest of her art class, to move drawing outside the McGuffey Art Center.

“It is beautiful and gorgeous outside,” she said. “We are having a drawing class outside.”

But Sunday's temperatures in the 60's makes it tough to face the reality of a Monday snow storm.

“I am done with snow,” Raymond said. “I spent hours digging my car out of the snow the last time and that was only a few weeks ago.”

Shoppers who crowded into the grocery stores and gas stations seemed to prepare reluctantly.

“We are not looking forward to snow,” Phyllis Wilson said.

“We've got groceries we've got propane in the tank and as long as the TV works we are alright,” said Ron Wilson.

Howard Lowenstein filled up his car's tank ahead of the storm. He says his home loses power so often that a warm car parked outside of the garage comes in handy for heat.

“I came to Charlottesville from New York to get away from this and the skiers can have their snow,” he said.

But for art-seller Chris Davis, who met clients in the sun, there is not much to do except weather the storm and wait for warm weather to return.

“I like the warm weather and the cold weather,” he said. “I can deal with any kind of weather.”

This storm took a number of stores by surprise too.

Plow and Hearth and Lowes in Charlottesville had gardening items out and only a few shovels and scrapers left in the back of the store.

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