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Martha Jefferson Monday: What Can I Do for a Viral Infection?

We’ve all experienced it - the dreaded, unwanted viral infection. Unfortunately, doctors say if it is a virus, you just have to hang in there, as antibiotics won’t help. In this week’s Martha Jefferson Monday, we spoke with Dr. Yates Sealander of Madison Family Medicine to find out more.

In the middle of winter, it’s hard to avoid the dreaded respiratory viral infection.

“They’ll have a runny nose, they’ll have a cough, they’ll have a sore throat, those kinds of things are pretty typical and common,” commented Dr. Sealander.

Sealander says that colds, bronchitis, sinusitis and sore throats all fall into the respiratory infection category, and most of the time, they are viral.

“90% of bronchitis and head colds are viral and we should really be cautious about using too many antibiotics with them. Most of them will run their course,” he noted.

Dr. Sealander also says it’s important to note the color of nasal discharge - specifically if it’s green or yellow - doesn’t mean a bacterial infection is present like many people believe.

“Truth is, most of them are viral and color doesn't mean anything,” he commented. “It used to be if it was green or yellow it meant you needed antibiotics, if it was white or clear, it meant it was a virus, but that’s all wrong.”

The best thing to do, is simply treat the symptoms, as antibiotics won’t help a virus.

“Staying well hydrated, Tylenol, Advil and decongestants are all good options and can help relieve your symptoms while your immune system fights it off. It usually will take about a week,” noted Dr. Sealander.

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