Greene County to Adopt Stormwater Management Plan

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Greene County is on its way to becoming a more environmentally friendly place to live.

County staff has spent the past year drawing up a stormwater management program. In the past, the county hasn't had a program at all but now, a state mandate has Greene putting together a plan that will protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Developers currently building in Greene County don't face a stormwater management fee - but come summer, that could change.

County administrator John Barkley says the plan will manage any kind of land disturbance. Unlike the county's erosion and sediment control program, the new stormwater program will be a long-term strategy.

Ponds to manage stormwater will most likely be installed.

"Stormwater management ponds are dedicated areas of each development, whether it's a subdivision or construction of a commercial building or otherwise, that handle the stormwater during the activity,” said Barkley.

Once construction is complete, the county will regulate the ponds.

Although the county could be eligible to have the department of environmental quality manage its stormwater program, Barkley says it will most likely manage its own.

"We will dedicate professional resources toward the management and the regulation of the program. We are currently going through certification and training for our staff,” said Barkley.

Two employees with the county are currently dedicated to the new program.

Barkley says the state mandate will require the county to charge fees - based on number of acres - for construction permits.

He says the county will adopt the new program in April, and that it will most likely go into effect this July.

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