Fluvanna Restructures How School Bus Drivers are Paid

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School bus drivers in Fluvanna County could soon face salary cuts. The school district is restructuring the way the drivers are paid by switching from a daily rate to an hourly rate.

Currently, a bus driver who works an hour a day is often getting paid the same amount as a driver who works several hours a day. This is because they are paid by the day - not by the hour.

Superintendent Gena Keller says they have to switch over to hourly pay to make it easier to track work hours for the health care reform act – but without a certain amount of hours, bus drivers won't qualify for health care benefits.

Keller says staff will be asking the Fluvanna County School Board to establish a baseline of 4.5 hours of work per day for drivers to qualify for health care benefits.

Keller says the switch will not only make tracking hours easier - but will also provide a system.

"If you're working an hour and you get the same benefits, for example, as someone who is working four hours, I'm not sure that that's equitable nor does it make a lot of sense,” said Keller.

This means some drivers might spend an hour or two helping out in other areas.

"They could work as instructional assistants, clerical help at the front office, there are children, we have drivers who would be excellent tutors working with some students in the morning, there's assistance we need sometimes in the cafeteria in the early morning," Keller said.

Keller says school staff is going to work closely with bus drivers to help them meet the mark for benefits.

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