Waynesboro Police Determined to Keep Quick's Memory Alive

Posted: Updated: Feb 23, 2014 05:46 PM
Waynesboro Police Department Waynesboro Police Department

Waynesboro police continue to grieve the loss of veteran reserve captain Kevin Quick.

Tributes to the slain officer's life and legacy are scattered throughout the police department.

The officers are leaning on each other and turning to chaplains to get them through this difficult time.

With many questions still surrounding Quick's death, the department is determined to focus on keeping his memory alive.

"When you're in law enforcement long enough, you always fear that this day would come," said Sgt. Brian Edwards.

Black and blue ribbons rustling in front of the Waynesboro Police Department and badges wrapped with a band in the same colors are marks of the police force's mourning.

"The thin blue line represents that law enforcement, that police officers, sheriff's deputies, law enforcement is that very narrow line of defense that keeps people safe," Edwards said. "Our badge is the symbol of our authority. It is a place over our hearts, so it definitely is the most appropriate place to show that we're grieving.

"It doesn't always have to be in the line of duty, especially when we're honoring Kevin and his 24 years of service to the citizens of Waynesboro."

Several chaplains, including Dennis Westover, are working to help officers through this tragedy.

"As a former law enforcement officer, it's always been difficult for officers to come to grips with the reality of their own vulnerability," Westover said.

Quick's colleagues created a memorial to honor his life and pinned a band on his picture to show solidarity.

"Everybody from the clerks that we have here who are really important people all the way up through the chief, everybody pours themselves into an effort like this," Westover said. "What we do is encourage them and help them understand that it's alright for them to think of themselves first in situations like this."

They are all signs of support to remember their fellow officer and friend.

Edwards said, "Those of us who work with him knew him to be a verydedicated family man, a very dedicated servant to the citizens of Waynesboro andthat's really how he should be remembered."

Waynesboro police say Quick's family is currently finalizing funeral arrangements. They say many people are offering to contribute to his final march home.

The Nelson County church where Quick and his family attended through the years in their home community of Afton held services Sunday to remember his life.

The Hebron Baptist Church is offering prayers and support to the Quick family through this tragic time.

Pastor Bill Coffey says he has been in communication with Quick's mother in the past couple days since Kevin's disappearance and death.

"This is a terrible loss to a family and we never know how a mother and siblings feel at a time like this," Coffey said. "The biggest thing we can do is lift them up in prayer and be there for them in anything they need."

This is the second loss for the Quick family in the past year. His father Ron, also a police reservist, passed away last year.

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