Valley Residents Appreciate Convenience of DMV 2 Go

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DMV 2 Go DMV 2 Go

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles takes its show on the road to small towns without a big service center. Thursday, one of the DMV's five mobile units - called DMV 2 Go - came rolling through Fishersville to help ease some challenges many face.

The mobile service benefits people with disabilities - physical or cognitive - and others who live in rural areas and have a hard time reaching a traditional office site.

Alexander Turner passed the test and earned his driver’s license Thursday.

"It was fun, and a bit difficult at the same time,” said Turner.

Others are getting back on track.

"It seemed a little bit different from before. Maybe it's because I was younger and it was years ago,” said Mario Watson, who received a learner’s permit.

Watson began brushing up to regain his learner's permit two weeks ago. He says a trip to the DMV has never gone smoother. Watson has to go through the process all over again because something unexpected happened to him a decade ago.

"At first I just thought it was that I was sleeping wrong, something was wrong with my back,” he said. But the pain eventually brought him to the hospital. He learned he has a neurological condition called transverse myelitis.

"It's an infection of my spinal fluid and it causes lesions on my spine,” said Watson.

Now that he has his permit, he will begin taking a behind-the-wheel class.

Alyssa Nance with the DMV says visiting places like the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center, military bases or retirement homes really means a lot to people.

"It's its own experience," said Nance. "They're extremely grateful, and they always appreciate us coming around."

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