Firewood Availability Low as Cold Weather Continues

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Firewood Firewood
The firewood business in central Virginia is heating up from these weeks of freezing weather. People who burn logs to warm their homes are finding depleted piles of wood available.

Homeowners trying to cut electric costs from cranking up the heat can stoke the flames in a wood stove, and weeks of temperatures in the teens or single digits have supplies of burnable wood running low.

William Frye, owner of Frye’s Firewood in Greene County, says sales have tripled this heating season. Frye blames this prolonged bitter cold for creating a shortage of dry wood for home heating.

“We had logs come in and steady bringing wood in. As fast as we can get it, we can sell it,” said Frye.

Workers at Habitat Services in Keswick are splitting logs now to build up the wood supply for next season. Owner Stewart Stevens says his reserve of dry wood sold out before Christmas. Last winter, he still had some until spring.

“The ready-to-burn wood was gone. Now, I'm putting up seasoned wood that will be ready once it dries out. Above freezing - that would take about 30 days,” said Stevens.

Frye says a month's supply is only lasting some of his customers about two weeks because of how much they're having to burn to stay warm. Frye's Firewood and Habitat Services are both focusing on keeping loyal customers stocked for the remainder of the season. 

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