Kroger Offering Prescription Price Break During Health Insurance Transition

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Kroger is giving people who are signed up for the Affordable Care Act a break on their prescriptions. Store pharmacists say they are trying to help people who are transitioning from one plan to another at the start of the New Year.

Kroger is offering up to a 30-day supply of most prescription medications at no cost to those shifting to the new insurance. People will have to show proof that they are signed up for the plan, but have not yet been assigned an insurer.

It's common to have to wait for an ID card when getting a new insurance plan, but Kroger wants to make sure those who rely on their medications aren't kept from the prescriptions they need.

"The great thing is that we just really don't want customers to go without their medications for a reason such as they don't have the information, so all they need to do is provide us with proof that they've signed up for the health exchange," said Andrea Brookhart, Kroger pharmacist.

Pharmacists say they may try to retroactively ask for the insurance co-pay from customers once they receive their information. At this point, pharmacists say there's no real timeline for how long this program will last. They say they will treat customers on a case-by-case basis.

Kroger Press Release

Kroger pharmacies in the Mid-Atlantic region are providing up to a 30-day supply of certain prescriptions at no upfront cost to customers who have enrolled in the Affordable Care Act's Public Health Insurance Marketplace but do not yet have identification information from an insurer.

"Every January, our pharmacists and technicians help customers navigate through new plan transitions. It is part of our commitment to the health and wellness of the communities we serve," said Matt Smith, pharmacy sales manager for the Mid-Atlantic region.

"Our pharmacists are available to answer questions and provide information about the new insurance plans," added Smith. "To ensure that our customers can get their medications without interruption, we are offering to fill certain prescriptions at no upfront costs for up to 30 days for customers who have signed up for the public health exchanges but have not yet received their plan ID card."

Customers are asked to provide confirmation of their enrollment in the public health insurance marketplace at their Kroger pharmacy for verification of coverage.

Kroger's Mid-Atlantic region has 114 pharmacies in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and the eastern portions of Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. For specific locations, visit www.kroger.com.

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