C'ville Group Marks Anniversary of Bill of Rights

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Sunday marked the 222nd anniversary of the Bill of Rights' addition to the U.S. Constitution.

Sunday a group gathered in Charlottesville to pay respect to our heritage and point out how they feel the government has failed to uphold the founding principles.

The Jefferson Area Libertarians hosted a Bill of Rights acclamation Sunday afternoon at the free speech wall on the Charlottesville downtown mall.

Organizers began by having the crowd read the Bill of Rights out loud starting with the Preamble.

Then several speakers stepped up to the podium to talk about why they believe the structure of power in our country is backwards.

The Libertarians' chairman, John Munchmeyer, says this past year was a banner year for chopping down the Bill of Rights.

“We learned that the IRS was targeting conservative groups and punishing them for their political beliefs -which is crazy,” says Munchmeyer. “And then the whole decision by the Supreme Court that Obamacare is constitutional, in my mind, is absolutely ludicrous.”

The Jefferson Area Libertarians cite the National Security Agency spying on Americans as another example of threats to liberty.

The group's chairman says one solution to fixing the problem is repealing the power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.

He believes no state should impose taxes on goods and services from another state.

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