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Wanda Turner Murder Trial Begins

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Wanda Turner Wanda Turner
Robert "Eddie" Snead Robert "Eddie" Snead

Trial is underway for 49-year-old Wanda Turner in Charlottesville Circuit Court. She is charged with murdering Robert "Eddie" Snead during a fight at his apartment on Fairway Avenue in March 2012.

Monday morning much of what happened in court focused on jury selection, getting to know the potential jurors in terms of any pre-existing bias that may hinder their ability to serve, or any relationships they may have with the people involved. None of the jurors expressed having a relationship with Turner or the victim, but there were several people who said they knew at least one of the prosecution's potential witnesses. All went on to say it wouldn't affect their ability to serve.

During opening statements the prosecution and defense painted two very different pictures. The commonwealth focused on the hard evidence that will come out in this case, whereas the defense made it seem as though Turner and Snead were friends and no threat to each other.

We heard testimony from a police officer and first responder describing the condition of Snead’s body.  According to testimony, Snead suffered 26 blunt force injuries to his head and 28 sharp force injuries, most of them to the neck or chest. The prosecution says it's at least one of two stab wounds to the neck that killed him.

The commonwealth also talked about records and surveillance showing Turner used Snead's credit card and evidence that she tried to get rid of items later found in a dumpster.

During the defense's opening statements we learned surprising information that Turner was once an informant for the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force, helping to get drug dealers off the street. The defense says Snead didn't know that Turner was an informant, but that drugs were a part of their friendship. They said Snead would even give her access to his ATM card and checks to do a deal because she was well connected.

The defense told the jury they would hear a lot of evidence but also went on to say not to judge this case until "you've heard it all."

The trial is scheduled to last five days.

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