Habitat for Humanity Plans for Future of Albemarle Mobile Home Park

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Southwood mobile home park Southwood mobile home park

Changes are coming to the Southwood mobile home community in Albemarle County. A workshop took place Thursday morning at the Albemarle County Office Building detailing the future of the property, which is owned by Habitat for Humanity.

The neighborhood houses 1,500 people - 400 of them being children - that may not otherwise have homes. The infrastructure of the mobile homes in the neighborhood wasn't built for long-term use. Right now, the trailers present health and safety issues to the families living in them.

Habitat for Humanity staff have been going door-to-door to the hundreds of trailers interviewing people that live there. They say its in an effort to find out the specific needs of families and their safety concerns.

The infrastructure, lighting, plumbing and electric all need upgrades. The roads are not up to county standards - they have pot holes and are not wide enough - and will also need to be replaced.

"It's an older community and the infrastructure is degraded, but really Habitats taking the view that its not broken now we simply want to take the things that are good about the community and make it even better,” said Ryan Jacoby, Habitat for Humanity deputy director.

Habitat purchased the property in 2007. Staff say they don’t expect redevelopment to start before 2016.

Jacoby says they are looking at redeveloping the community similar to the Sunrise property in Charlottesville.

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