After Study, VDOT Recommends Against Stanardsville Truck Ban

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People living on Main Street in Stanardsville are tired of loud semi-trucks speeding through the area. The Stanardsville Town Council proposed a ban on the 18-wheelers, but now we're learning it might not stop the trucks from roaring through.

The Greene County Board of Supervisors gave the green light to the Virginia Department of Transportation to complete a safety study on the proposed alternative route after people who live along Main Street in Stanardsville complained trucks that speed leave behind soot and are loud at all hours of the day. But the results of the safety study might halt the proposed truck ban.

After the study, VDOT traffic engineers are recommending against a proposed ban on semis. Traffic engineers found alternative routes just aren't safe - specifically at the intersection of Route 33 business and Route 230. It's where trucks would turn to detour through the downtown area, but the turn is so sharp it would make it almost impossible for them to not drive into the other lane.

"Just because of the way that intersection lines up, it’s not an exact 'T,' it's not a safe area to make turns,” said Stacey Londrey, VDOT spokeswoman.

Now that VDOT has sent its recommendation, the final decision is in the hands of the Commonwealth Transportation Board.

Stanardsville Mayor Gary Lowe says regardless of whether the truck ban is approved, he hopes the safety of the intersection can be improved in the coming years.

"Everybody was aware of this as a dangerous intersection for tractor-trailers, so that's a bigger problem versus what we're trying to accomplish with rerouting of the trucks as well,” said Lowe.

If the Commonwealth Transportation Board approves the truck restriction, it will only apply to semis that are using Main Street to cut through. It won't apply to trucks making deliveries in Stanardsville.